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LogMeIn Rescue - October 9, 2018, Technician Console (Windows)

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Release Date10/9/2018
Rescue Technician Console, Browserv7.12.3325
Rescue Technician Console, Desktop App (Windows)v7.12.3325

This version of the Rescue Technician Console is compatible with Windows 10, Build 1809.

Improvements and fixes

Besides several minor stability improvements, this release features the following fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where the Technician Console crashed when the technician started sharing their screen more than once during a session, and the Technician Console was set to use a proxy auto-configuration (PAC).
  • Fixed an issue where technicians were intermittently unable to send chat messages to the customer.
  • Fixed an issue where a Channel session started automatically due to the relevant setting in the Rescue Administration Center (Settings tab>Session management (Channel)>Auto-start waiting sessions) was automatically moved into focus in the Technician Console causing the technician to lose focus on the session they were working on when the auto-started session became active.


ProductLogMeIn Rescue

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