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LogMeIn Rescue - October 2015

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Release Date10/15/2015

Technician Console can be run on Windows 10

The new version of the Rescue Technician Console is compatible with Windows 10. 

Mobile SDK support

The Rescue In-App Support Android and iOS SDK allows your customers to establish a Rescue support session within your app.
  • Gain access to end-user app issues and enable quicker diagnosis and problem resolution without the end-user ever leaving the app
  • Optimize the customer experience with a seamless, intuitive customer support solution
  • Reduce app abandonment levels
  • Maximize customer satisfaction
iOS SDK documentation: secure.LogMeInRescue.com/welcome/webhelp/webhelp.aspx?id=ios_sdk
Android SDK documentation: secure.LogMeInRescue.com/welcome/webhelp/webhelp.aspx?id=android_sdk

Improvements to Rescue Lens

Now technicians can freeze the camera stream, allowing them to draw on a stable background to better communicate to the customer.

New default color scheme

The Technician Console default color scheme has changed from "Classic dark" to "Light". Don't like it? You can change it anytime at Options > Color Scheme.

​Click2Fix widgets can be arranged to meet your personal needs

Now you can rearrange Click2Fix widgets during a mobile support session. Drag and drop the widgets to make your own custom arrangement.
ProductLogMeIn Rescue

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