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LogMeIn Rescue - October 20, 2016, Technician Console

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Release Date10/20/2016

Features and Improvements

Audio for Rescue Lens:

  • Technicians can speak with customers directly through the Technician Console using the integrated VoIP functionality of Rescue Lens.
  • Lens audio can be muted by either party at any time during the support session. Lens audio is automatically muted in case of an incoming call to the customer's device.
  • You can enable your technicians to record both audio and video during a session by selecting the Record sessions permission in the Administration Center.

File Manager:

  • Technicians can now switch between active sessions in the Technician Console while waiting for a file transfer to finish.
  • Improved accuracy for remaining transfer time displayed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Technician Console to crash when cancelling a file copy request.

Stability and performance enhancements

  • Improvements to Rescue AVI File Fixer
  • When minimized to the task bar, the Technician Console now reliably flashes in case of an incoming chat message.
  • Improved mouse scroll behavior during Remote Control sessions.
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes caused Waiting sessions to appear as Active in the Technician Console.
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes made the Technician Monitoring button not appear in the Technician Console.
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes crashed the browser-based Technician Console when Internet Explorer 10 was refreshed or closed.
ProductLogMeIn Rescue

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