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LogMeIn Rescue - May 9, 2019, Website

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Release Date5/9/2019
This release of the LogMeIn Rescue website includes the following new features.

Dedicated SAML (SSO) Login Page

Rescue users utilizing the SAML (SSO) login method can now easily log in on a dedicated SAML (SSO) login page.

Technician Status and Administrator Status Reports

Administrators can use the new Technician Status and Administrator Status reports to retrieve data for the selected member(s), including status (active/inactive), the version of Technician Console used, last login time, and the member’s organization group membership. These reports can be run from the Reports tab of the Administration Center, and respectively retrieve data for:
  • Technicians (Global level), a Technician Group, or an individual technician
  • Master Administrators, an individual Master Administrator, Administrators, or an individual Administrator
For detailed information, see the LogMeIn Rescue Reports Reference Guide.
ProductLogMeIn Rescue

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