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LogMeIn Rescue - June 30, 2016, Technician Console, Chat Monitoring and Standalone Rescue Lens

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Release Date6/30/2016

Rescue Lens

Rescue Lens is now available as a standalone product.

Chat Monitoring

Administrators can leverage the Command Center to monitor chat logs in real time

Improved ability to copy information from the Technician Console session list

Technicians can now highlight and copy text directly from the session list; formerly they could only copy text from custom fields using the right-click menu

Improved Rescue security, stability, and performance

  • Improvements to LMI Guardian, Rescue’s crash reporting component
  • Security Improvements, including OpenSSL updates
  • Fixed a bug that prevented chat from starting in a timely manner
  • Fixed a bug that caused full-screen mode to close when pressing CTRL on the technician’s keyboard
  • Fixed a bug that caused technician chat (typing) to be interrupted when a customer sent a response
  • Improved zoom functionality during remote control: panning in all directions is now fully functional
ProductLogMeIn Rescue

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