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LogMeIn Rescue - June 29, 2017, Windows Applet and Administration Center

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Release Date6/29/2017
Current release:
Rescue Applet - Windowsv7.11.414.2080
Rescue Applet - Windows Instant Chatv7.11.414.2080

Previous release:
Rescue Applet - Windowsv7.9.411.1899
Rescue Applet - Windows Instant Chatv7.9.411.1899
Besides general stability enhancements, this release of the Windows Applet and Administration Center features the following new features, fixes and improvements:

New Administration Center features:
  • Reports now provide information concerning the name of the Technician Group to which the technician belonged at the time of the session for which the report is requested.
  • On the Organization tab, Administrators can see the Technician Group to which a technician belongs.
  • When Administrators hover over an item on the Organization Tree, the tooltip displays the group to which the item belongs.
  • Administrators can now collapse/expand the whole Administration Center Organization Tree hierarchy with a single click.
  • Administrators are now required to complete a two-step confirmation of their choice when saving changes to multiple groups.
Improvements and fixes:
  • Resolved an issue where some special characters (Cyrillic, Korean, and Japanese) in the Windows username of the customer made the Rescue Applet crash.
  • Resolved an issue related to the Custom Google Play URL feature.
    When connecting to an Android device, technicians can send customers a special invitation SMS that routes them to the support organization’s custom Rescue Mobile app in Google Play. The actual link to this app is defined in the Administration Center. 
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