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LogMeIn Rescue - January 25, 2018, Calling Card

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Release Date1/25/2018

When customers install a new Calling Card, they now get version 7.11.760 by default.

Besides general stability enhancements, this release of the Rescue Calling Card features the following improvements and fixes:

  • Improved Error Code handling.
  • Improved renditioning of the Rescue Applet on high-DPI 4K displays.
  • When run as a Windows System Service, the Rescue Applet can now be shut down faster.
  • The browser selector menu item (Settings > General > Web browser > Open links in the following web browser) has been removed from the Rescue Calling Card. All links clicked in the Calling Card Applet now open in the browser set as default in the customer's default browser.
  • The Rescue Calling Card Applet can now download Proxy Auto-Configuration files from URLs with HTTPS schema too (no longer restricted to the HTTP schema).
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows logon screen of the customer’s computer failed to appear in the Technician Console Remote Control window after rebooting or locking the customer’s computer with the Rescue Applet running as a Windows System Service.
ProductLogMeIn Rescue

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