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LogMeIn Rescue - December 2015, Technician Console for Windows

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Release Date12/17/2015
Current release
Rescue Technician Consolev7.8.2847
Rescue Technician Console Desktop Appv7.8.2847

Previous release
Rescue Technician Consolev7.6.2421
Rescue Technician Console Desktop Appv7.6.2421
Fixes and Improvements
  • Resolved an issue that caused problems with remote control recordings made when a technician used full-screen view
  • Resolved PAC proxy issues associated with version 7.8.2828 of the Technician Console
  • Resolved an issue that caused screen recordings of mobile sessions to be black when made at low quality settings (4bit)
  • Resolved an issue that caused remote control to freeze during a collaborative session 
  • Improved proxy support for Lens sessions
ProductLogMeIn Rescue

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