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LogMeIn Rescue - April 2015, Technician Console

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Release Date4/14/2015
Current release:
Rescue Technician Consolev7.6.2406
Rescue Technician Console Desktop Appv7.6.2406
Rescue Lens for Androidv1.0.5
Rescue Lens for iOSv1.0.105

Previous release:
Rescue Technician Consolev7.5.2366
Rescue Technician Console Desktop Appv7.5.2366

New features: Fixes and Improvements:
  • Improved graphics performance for Remote Control and Remote View.
  • Enhanced stability of the Desktop Technician Console when using Ctrl+mouse-scroll zoom in the Queue eventlog.
  • The Technician Console now remains functional while diagnostic logs are being exported.
  • Session auto-start now works properly when the Technician Console is being monitored.
  • Fix for the issue that caused the session limit to be ignored upon Technician Console refresh, thus resulting in the assignment of sessions to Busy technicians.
ProductLogMeIn Rescue

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