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LogMeIn Rescue - August 31, 2017, Technician Console (Windows)

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Release Date8/31/2017
Rescue Technician Console, Browser
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Rescue Technician Console, Desktop
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This release features the following new features, fixes, and improvements:
  • New features:
    • LogMeIn Rescue offers an additional way of protecting Rescue accounts. In the Rescue Administration Center, under Global Settings > Two-step verification, Master Administrators can force members of their organization to use the two-step verification method for logging in to Rescue.
    • The Rescue Technician Console now supports the Kerberos authentication protocol.
    • When a support technician is working on a remote control session in full screen mode, they can now see the Chat panel without toggling between windows.
    • In the Rescue Administration Center, under Organization > Permissions, Administrators can control whether they want members of a Technician Group to be able to capture images of the customer’s screen during a session.
  • Improvements and fixes:
    • Stability and reliability enhancements for Rescue and Lens session screen recording and playback.
    • Resolved an issue where streaming for a Lens session would not start if there was no microphone attached to the technician’s computer.
    • Resolved an issue where expanding/collapsing the whole Organization Tree in the Rescue Administration Center did not work properly for large accounts.
    • The session chat log now indicates when a session is started as a Windows System Service.
ProductLogMeIn Rescue

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