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LogMeIn Release Note for November 3, 2014

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Release Date11/3/2014
  • This release introduces a new toolbar display option to the File Manager. The simplified toolbar exposes basic file operations only and it is intended for use cases where advanced file management features are not required. Users can switch between the classic and simplified toolbars at any time in the host preferences under General > Appearance.
  • Various other usability improvements for the File Manager
  • LogMeIn Host version 4.1.4670 (Windows) and 4.1.4667 (Mac) with bundled LogMeIn Client (desktop)
    • Bundled LogMeIn Client versions: 1.3.434 (Win) & 4.1.4667 (Mac)
  • LogMeIn Plugin version 1091 (Windows) and 1001 (Mac)
  • LogMeIn Client (browser-based app) 1.00.368 (Windows) and 1.00.369 (Mac)
  • LogMeIn Client (desktop) version 1.3.435 (Windows) and (Mac)
ProductLogMeIn Pro

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