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LogMeIn Release Note for May 13, 2015

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Release Date5/13/2015


  • Fullscreen Toolbar Behavior:
    • By default, the toolbar stays pinned on screen when starting a session, and remains visible for a couple of seconds when unpinned.
    • The toolbar now snaps to the edges of the screen and can be positioned anywhere.
  • Ending Remote Control: Introduced a per-client option to skip the confirmation dialog when exiting a session.


  • Last used monitor mode is saved and restored when connecting to the same host
  • Resolved an issue that prevented switching to fullscreen mode when Internet Explorer is not maximized on the client (Internet Explorer plugin only)
  • Cryptographic protocol enhancements (OpenSSL 1.0.2a) were applied to the following LogMeIn products and components:
    • LogMeIn host software 4.1.5144 (Windows)
    • Bundled LogMeIn Client versions: 1.3.815 (plugin: .1409)
    • LogMeIn Client version 1.3.814 (plugin: .1409) (Windows)
ProductLogMeIn Pro

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