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LogMeIn Release Note for March 25, 2019

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Release Date3/25/2019

Windows components

  • LogMeIn host software for Windows
  • LogMeIn Client for Windows
  • LogMeIn Plugin

Mac components

  • LogMeIn host software for Mac
  • LogMeIn Client for Mac
  • LogMeIn Plugin


  • On macOS, improved Remote Sound performance. 
  • The following new features are supported for LogMeIn Antivirus. Note: LogMeIn Antivirus is currently in beta. To try these features, visit https://beta.logmein.com/central/central.aspx
    • Threat Log Report
    • Apply scan profile settings to multiple hosts
    • Apply host's proxy settings for LogMeIn AV


  • Fixed an issue during activity logging that duplicated log events.
  • Fixed an issue when connecting to Remote Desktop servers, that cause the connection to slow.
  • Fixed an issue in the LogMeIn Client App for windows that caused Japanese characters to display as question marks.
ProductLogMeIn Central; LogMeIn Pro

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