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LogMeIn Release Note for January 13, 2015 (Windows)

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Release Date1/13/2015


  • Improved remote control: Remote control and file manager sessions are handled by the LogMeIn Client even when the session is initiated from the website. (Does not apply when launching sessions from Internet Explorer.)
  • Redesigned computer info panel: The new computer info panel provides more detail on remote computers and adds new features.
    • Users can now view or edit computer descriptions.
    • Users can now view or edit computer notes.
  • Add new remote computer: You can now create a deployment link to install the LogMeIn Host application on a remote computer. The remote computer is added to your LogMeIn account automatically.
  • Improved search: You can now search for computer groups as well. The results are listed dynamically as you type.


  • Improved remote control performance when controlling a PC
  • Improved error reporting on Windows computers
  • Fixed a File Manager issue with folder size, type and last modified information not displaying correctly
  • Improved Remote control experience on high resolution displays and using high DPI settings
  • Various minor fixes


  • LogMeIn Host version 4.1.4830 (Windows)​
    • Bundled LogMeIn Client version: 1.3.616
  • LogMeIn Plugin version 1100
  • LogMeIn Client version 1.3.615
ProductLogMeIn Pro

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