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LogMeIn Release Note for December 13, 2016

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Release Date12/13/2016

Windows components

  • LogMeIn host software
  • LogMeIn Client
  • LogMeIn Plugin

Mac components

  • LogMeIn host software
  • LogMeIn Client


  • LogMeIn now gives you the ability to manually force Kaspersky activation on the host by going to the Advanced tab under Options > Preferences on the LogMeIn Control Panel.
  • OSX 10.7 and OSX 10.8 is no longer supported for Mac hosts
  • Improved error messaging when logging in to a host from LogMeIn.com or the LogMeIn Client
  • In the LogMeIn Client, the LogMeIn Files panel can now be closed
  • Stability improvements


  • Fixed an issue that caused alerts to send empty Inventory lists when the process was interrupted
  • Fixed an issue that prevented LogMeIn from triggering Wake On LAN on hosts using an Intel Network Interface Card
  • LogMeIn now retrieves host serial number from BIOS/SerialNumber rather than Computer_Chassis, thus improving the reliability of Inventory reports   
ProductLogMeIn Central; LogMeIn Pro

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