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LogMeIn Pro Release Note for May 12, 2016

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Release Date5/12/2016
This release introduces user management and sharing improvements to Files for LogMeIn Pro.

New Feature: Ability to share folders with users 

You can turn Files into a collaboration tool by sharing folders with specific users who will be able to view, modify and delete all content in the shared folders.
  1. On the Files page, click the folder you want to share.
  2. In the share column, click the link share folder.
  3. Under Users, enter the email addresses of the people you want to collaborate with. They do not need to be LogMeIn users already.
  4. Click Share with users. An invitation email is sent from LogMeIn Auto-Mailer.
  5. The invited users must open the invitation and click the invitation link. Any invitee who is not yet a LogMeIn user will be prompted to create a LogMeIn account. Any invitee who is already a LogMeIn user will have a new profile added to his existing LogMeIn account: User of [your "Company Name"].

New Feature: Ability to manage Files permissions for users 

On the Users page under Accessible Files, you can grant access to files and folders that are stored in your account using the Files for LogMeIn Pro feature.
All files and folders in my accountGrant access to all files and folders stored in your account. This allows the user to read, modify, and delete your files and folders.
NoneDo not allow the user to access the Files feature. None of your data stored in Files is made available unless you choose to share a link.
Grant access to specific foldersTo grant access to specific folders, go to the Files page and click Share folder for any folder. You can choose to either share a link, which gives anyone read-only access to the folder; or to invite users, which gives them the ability to read, modify, or delete items in the folder.
Remember: You cannot invite users to individual files. Individual files can only be shared via link – meaning you can either share a file with anyone who has the link or with nobody at all.
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