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LogMeIn Hamachi for Windows

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Release Date9/13/2016
  • Introduces a command line interface for Windows clients
    • Only available for clients set to Full Mode (secure.logmein.com under Networks > Network Settings > Client Defaults > Full)
    • To access the Hamachi client command line, open the command window and type hamachi-2.exe –-cli [command]
    • If you receive the error “Failed, access denied” when attempting to connect, make sure the Hamachi client application is set to Full Mode
    • Available commands are the same as for Linux - See Hamachi for Linux Fundamentals 
  • Resolved an issue that prevented communication between Windows 8+ clients and Gateways running on Linux due to incorrect MTU settings on the Hamachi network driver.
  • The Captcha verification process has been improved
ProductLogMeIn Hamachi

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