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LogMeIn Central Release Note for May 13, 2015

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Release Date5/13/2015

New Feature: Ad Hoc Support

Exclusive to Central Premier, Ad Hoc Support is a fast and reliable way to provide support to machines that do not currently have LogMeIn software installed. Deploy a host temporarily and once the support session is complete the host will automatically be detached from your account and uninstalled from the end-user's computer.


Account menu: Options formerly available under the Account menu are now available under two new menus: Profile and Settings.

Profile chooser: The new profile chooser allows you to switch between Central accounts with a single click and see your current user at a glance.

Help menu: Gain instant access to the knowledge base, user guides, the community forum, and live chat (available for Premium subscribers).

Grouped permission settings: Permission settings for users and groups are now arranged by type.

Extended search:

  • Added a new search field that can be used to find computer and group permissions.
  • On the Computers page, search options have been refined and extended to provide the results you are looking for.


ProductLogMeIn Central

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