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Why is AVG detecting LogMeIn as a Trojan?

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For a short period of time, LogMeIn was falsely being detected by AVG's Virus Scanner as a Trojan horse virus named Vundo JI.  AVG has since issued an update where LogMeIn is no longer detected as a virus.

If you quarantined the LogMeIn file, you can simply take it out of the Virus Vault to restore functionality:

To restore files from virus vault proceed as follows:

  1. Open AVG.
  2. Go to History.
  3. Go to the Virus Vault.
  4. Select LogMeIn.exe, right-click on it and click Restore.

If you completely deleted LogMeIn when it was detected, you can restore the LogMeIn service by reinstalling it.  To reinstall LogMeIn, please click on the link below to download the LogMeIn installer:


This will pull down the installer for LogMeIn.  When prompted, select the option to reinstall LogMeIn.  This will repair and replace any files that were removed by AVG.

To prevent this from re-occurring, please make sure that you update AVG to the latest version, which was released this morning.  To update, open AVG and go to Tools > Advanced Settings, Exceptions on the left, add C:\Program Files\LogMeIn as an exception, and restart LogMeIn.

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