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Why does the LogMeIn systray icon show as 'Enabled and Online,' but as 'Offline' in my account?

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Check the following if your LogMeIn system tray icon shows as Enabled and Online but the computer shows as Offline in your account:

  • The date and time settings of your computer are incorrect. To change the date and time of your system, click the clock on your Windows system tray or Mac menu bar.
  • Your firewall blocks LogMeIn. To configure your firewall to work with LogMeIn you must make the necessary exceptions in the settings of your firewall. For information about setting these exceptions, see this article.
  • Your browser's proxy settings are incorrect. For information about changing your proxy settings, see this article.
  • Ensure that you are logged with the correct email address (if have multiple LogMeIn accounts, your computer may be associated with a different LogMeIn account).  If you don't know the email address to which your computer is associated, you can follow the link below for instructions on how to find the email address to which the computer is attached.  I forgot my account email address. How do I determine to which account my computer is attached?

If none of the above suggestions resolve your issue, you have to manually install LogMeIn. For information, see this article.

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