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Why do I get 'Page Cannot be Displayed' when connecting to a computer?

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This is usually caused by a software error or conflict with another 3rd party piece of software that is preventing the LogMeIn system service from accepting incoming connections.

Please try either restarting the LogMeIn service on the host computer, or restarting the host computer itself.

HughesNet Users:
We are aware of an issue that is preventing some users from connecting to their host computers if they have HughesNet Satellite Internet.  Unfortunately, this issue is not related to LogMeIn, but is related to the HughesNet connection.  Some users have reported that turning off the HughesNet modem's Turbo Page Accelerator has resolved the issue.  You will need to contact HughesNet in order to resolve this issue as LogMeIn support cannot assist in configuring HughesNet modems.
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