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What is the Executive Report?

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The Executive Report is designed for IT professionals who want to provide customers and stakeholders with additional insight into the value of the services they provide.
  1. Using a LogMeIn Central Premier subscription, click Reports > Executive.
  2. Select a computer group.
  3. Select the report format:
    • Choose Generate PDF file to download or open the report as a .pdf file
    • Choose Generate Word file to download or open the report as a .docx file
Data is reported on one page for the selected group for the previous 30 days, not including the day when the report is generated.
Report SectionDescription
Windows UpdatesThe number of computers by Windows Updates status.
Anti-virusThe number of computers by anti-virus status.
OS TypeThe number of computers by operating system type.
Free Disk SpaceThe number of computers by percentage of free disk space.
Remote ControlThe number and total time of remote control sessions held per day.
AlertsThe number of alerts reported per day compared to the number acknowledged.
ThreatsThe number of anti-virus threats reported per day compared to the number of threats handled.
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