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The Application Updater gets stuck during install. What can I do?

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When trying to install the Application Updater, the installation fails to complete.


When the command was sent to the host, the signal was interrupted or lost connection temporarily or your host is running an older version of LogMeIn.


Solution One: Update the host software

The required host software is version 9700 or higher

To update the software:
  1. From the host computer, open the LogMeIn Control Panel
  2. Click About
  3. Click Check for Updates
The host will update to the most recent available version of LogMeIn.

Solution Two: Restart the installation

  1. From LogMeIn Central, click Applications under Updates on the left-side panel.
  2. Select the host that is experiencing the issue.
  3. Click Change Settings.
  4. Set the Update options to Disabled and click Save settings.
  5. Select the host again and click Change Settings.
  6. Set the Update options to Manual and click Save settings.
The Application Updater is pushed to the host 

Note: Installation can take several minutes.
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