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Screen Recording and Screen Capture with Rescue Lens

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Rescue Lens allows you to record sessions and take screen captures during your Rescue Lens sessions.

Screen Recording

AvailabilityTechnician Console
IconUser-added image
Default storage locationC:\Users\[username]\Documents where [username] is the username of the user logged in.

You can set the Screen Recording location to a different folder by going to Options > Screen Recording folder....

Tip: We recommend setting a default location on your local drive For example: C:\Screen_Recordings.
File formatSession recordings are always saved as .mkv files. To view this file type use VLC player or download the mkv codec for windows.

Screen Capture

AvailabilityTechnician Console
User-added image

 We recommend using the Freeze camera stream option before taking a Screen Capture for optimal results: 
 User-added image
Default storage locationDefault storage Location: In the rescue Technician Console, you are prompted for a location to save the capture, whenever you take a Screen Capture.

Tip: We recommend setting a default location on your local drive, for example: C:\Screen_Captures.
File formatThe default file type is .jpg. 
ProductLogMeIn Rescue; Rescue Lens

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