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Phasing Out Internet Explorer 6

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Why Is Internet Explorer 6 no longer supported?

Microsoft ends support of Windows XP (SP3) on 8 April 2014. After that date, there will be no new security updates, non-security hotfixes or assisted support options for WindowsXP or Internet Explorer 6.
On a global scale, the use of Internet Explorer 6 has fallen below 5%. The use of Internet Explorer 6 among LogMeIn Rescue users is 5%.

What part of the product does this affect?

Technician Console

From Rescue Release 7.4, the browser-based Technician Console does not support Internet Explorer 6.


The LogMeIn Rescue main websites (Administration Center, Command Center, Global Configuration) and the browser-based Technician Console will stop supporting Internet Explorer 6. These sites and applications will not be tested for Internet Explorer 6, and neither will bug tickets be accepted for issues with Internet Explorer 6.

Client Side

The end-user/client side of Rescue is not affected by this change. End-users will still be able to download the Rescue Applet/Instant Chat using Internet Explorer 6.

How can I access the Rescue Technician Console and the Rescue websites now?

We recommend using the desktop version of the Technician Console (DTC), which can be downloaded through any web browser, or installed with an msi installer.
The browser-based version of the Technician Console is still available with Internet Explorer 7 and above, or a recent version of Firefox.
To access the LogMeIn Rescue websites (Home page, Administration Center, Command Center, Global Configuration), we recommend using Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer 8 and above.

Need Help?

In case of questions concerning the upgrade of your Windows operating system, request help from Microsoft.
If you have any questions, or if you need help with migration, please contact LogMeIn Rescue Support.
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