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LogMeIn Ignition End of Life FAQ

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Why are you shutting down LogMeIn Ignition?
LogMeIn Ignition was a predecessor to the LogMeIn Client App that was retired in April of 2018. Since then, we have been providing the LogMeIn Client Application for customers and free access for up to 10 devices remotely to help with the transition to the new application.  This transitional period is ending and we will no longer offer free access to these computers moving forward.  To ensure you do not lose remote access capabilities, use the discount link to purchase the package of LogMeIn Pro that best fits your needs.
What is the LogMeIn Client Application?
The LogMeIn app, linked for iOS or Android, is a feature-by-feature equivalent of LogMeIn Ignition and adds a variety of useful additional features. A Pro or Central subscription is required to use the application.
Will I still be able to support the computers I was supporting using Ignition with the LogMeIn app for iOS or Android?
Yes, you will still be able to support your computers using the LogMeIn app for iOS or Android when you sign up for a LogMeIn Pro subscription.

What is my LogMeIn App free user expiration date?
We will begin shutting off access on a rolling basis to groups of customers on February 3rd, 2020, and this will continue until December 29th, 2020. By that time, all free access to these devices will be removed.

What is included in LogMeIn Pro? 
To learn more about LogMeIn Pro and its features, visit our landing page here.
Where can I purchase LogMeIn Pro?
To receive a special offer, only available for these previous Ignition users, follow the link here to receive 50% coupon off your first year's subscription of Pro. This coupon will be available until December 29th, 2020.

ProductLogMeIn Central; LogMeIn Pro

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