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LogMeIn Backup End of Life FAQ

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Why are you shutting down LogMeIn Backup?

  • Our product development efforts at LogMeIn have always centered on enabling employees and individuals to simply and securely connect to their devices, applications, and files. In an effort to focus on our current products and development efforts, we are removing LogMeIn Backup from the LogMeIn product portfolio.

What is my LogMeIn Backup expiration date?

  • As a Backup user, you will have access to your LogMeIn Backup account until April 26, 2018.

How long will I have access to my LogMeIn Backup account?

  • You will have complete access to your account until April 26, 2018. Plan to modify your backup sets before that date.
How do I get a refund for my LogMeIn Backup Subscription?
  • Customers will automatically receive a prorated refund on April 26, 2018, for prepaid and unused fees remaining on their subscription term.

What happens if I don’t move my files from LogMeIn Backup by my expiration date?

  • Once the expiration date passes, you will no longer have full Backup functionality.

Can I migrate my LogMeIn Backup sets to a third-party backup solution?

  • Since LogMeIn Backup does not lock files, you will be able use a third-party solution to back them up. You will lose older versions of your LogMeIn Backup backup sets.

Once I’ve moved my files to another storage solution, how do I delete them from Backup?

  • To delete your files from your LogMeIn Backup account, modify your backup set.
  • Follow this procedure to modify an existing backup set:
    1. On the Backup Console Storage List, select the Backup Set you want to modify.
    2. On the Backup menu, select Modify Backup Set. The Back Up Files and Folders dialog box is displayed with tabs corresponding to each step in the Backup Set Wizard process.
    3. Select the appropriate tab and make the desired changes.
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