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Is there a way to download the Rescue applet by using ActiveX instead of the .exe file?

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By default, when connecting to a host computer, the customer will be required to download an executable file.  There is an option within the Admin Center to change this default behavior. By checking the "Use ActiveX Customer Applet" box, an ActiveX component will be installed on the host computer to download and automatically run the Rescue Customer Applet.

This feature can be used to overcome restrictions related to direct downloading of .exe files or to reduce the number of required steps to establish a connection.

Browser settings on the host computer may restrict ActiveX downloads.

To change this setting, log into your LogMeInRescue.com account.  Select the Settings tab and scroll down to the Customer Applet heading.  Check or uncheck the box beside "Use ActiveX customer applet." Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

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