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I have problems with accessing Hamachi networks after upgrading to Windows 10. What should I do?

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Known issue

The Network Bridge fails to function properly when upgrading to Windows 10 with an installed Hamachi client acting as gateway.

Note: This issue may also be resolved by a future Windows patch from Microsoft. As of 3 August 2015, Hamachi network problems can be fixed as described below.


While the Network Bridge is enabled and visible, only the LAN adapter interface is configured.


  1. Open the Network Connections window from the Control Panel.
  2. Delete the the malfunctioning Network Bridge.
  3. Right-click Local Area Connection and select Properties.
  4. Enable all items in the list except Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol.
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. Install Hamachi version or newer.
    Note: You can also manually fix the issue without reinstalling Hamachi by either bridging LAN and Hamachi connections or leaving and rejoining Hamachi networks from the web.
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