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I already installed LogMeIn. Why is my computer not listed on the website?

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There are a few reasons why your computer may not appear on your LogMeIn Home page after a successful install.

Previous Installation Detected

If LogMeIn was previously installed on your computer, then the old installation is probably attached to a different LogMeIn ID (email address). 

To find out what LogMeIn ID (email address) is associated with your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on the LogMeIn icon in the system tray or Menu bar.
  2. Click on Open LogMeIn.
  3. Click on the Overview tab.  The email address will be listed.

Firewall Interfering with Activation

Antivirus/firewall software may have interfered with the registration of your computer. You can either disable any antivirus/firewall and retry the installation, or add an exception as described in How do I configure a firewall to work with LogMeIn?.

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