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How do I configure a firewall to work with LogMeIn?

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LogMeIn is compatible with all major security suites and broadband routers. To make LogMeIn work when the host is behind a firewall, you must ensure the following:
  • TCP port 443 traffic must be allowed
  • LogMeIn components must not be blocked

LogMeIn Components

Add the following LogMeIn components to the allowed list in your firewall configuration:

  • LogMeIn.exe
  • LogMeInSystray.exe
  • LogMeInRC.exe
  • LMIGuardian.exe
  • raabout.exe
  • ramaint.exe
These files can normally be found in the LogMeIn installation folder under:
%programfiles%\LogMeIn\x86 (x64 for 64-bit OS).


For hardware firewalls, you must allow TCP port 443 traffic.

For RemotelyAnywhere, our over-the-LAN solution, you will need to open port 2000 on your firewall.


For whitelisting information, read this article


Other Links

As a courtesy, we have provided support page links to the more popular firewall providers.

ProductLogMeIn Pro; RemotelyAnywhere

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