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How do I configure LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile over BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)?

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You may use BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) to configure application permissions and wirelessly deploy the LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile applet to your users.  BES 4.1.4 or BES 5.0 is required. 

The LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile ALX and COD files required for the application repository are located here:

During the creation of your Application Control Policy, you will need to specify a list of APIs and permissions that the LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile applet will have access to.  Please ensure that the following are allowed (You may leave all unlisted permissions on their default settings).


  • Cross Application Communication
  • Internal Network Connections
  • External Network Connections
  • Phone Access
  • User Data
  • Event Injection
  • Security Data

Please be aware that BES 4 does not support Screen Capturing in its Application Control Policies.  Because of this, you must apply this policy to the top level (Application Software), rather than applying it directly to the application itself.  Once you select the policy from the top level, it will carry down to the application level, with an asterisk at the end of the policy's name.  Please view our step-by-step instructional screencast (linked below) for assistance in configuring BES 4 application deployment.  You may skip to slide 110 to view how the policy is correctly applied to the top level.

Another permission that is not supported in BES 4 Application Control Policies is Security Timer Reset.  This permission cannot be modified for individual applications and must be configured in your IT Policy.  To allow this permission, select the Security Policy Group of your IT Policy and set Allow Resetting of Idle Timer to True.


  • Interprocess Communication API
  • Internal Network Connections
  • External Network Connections
  • Phone API
  • Event Injector API
  • Handheld Key Store
  • Device Settings Modification
  • File API
  • Module Management API
  • Screen, Microphone, and Video Capturing APIs
  • Security Timer Reset

In addition to allowing Security Timer Reset in the Application Control Policy, you must also allow it in the IT Policy.  To allow this permission, select the Security tab of your IT Policy and set Allow Resetting of Idle Timer to True.

Detailed instructions are available in your BES 5 Administration Guide.

BES 10

LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile for BlackBerry doesn’t support BlackBerry 10 yet.
BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 integrates with BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 to manage BlackBerry OS 7.1 and older devices, therefore, you can configure and deploy the Rescue+Mobile applet using the BES5 interface.
However, BES10 is capable to manage iOS and Android devices, so you can whitelist LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile as a mandatory or optional app in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, or push the apps to selected devices.
For details see section 3, chapter Managing app availability on devices in the BES10 Advanced Administration Guide.

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