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How can I speed up my connection to the host computer?

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You are experiencing slow performance during remote control.


Normally the connection speed between two computers is not determined by LogMeIn, but rather by outside factors such as computer speed and network/Internet speed.


While connection speed is not determined by LogMeIn, the following options may improve performance during remote control.

Adjust color quality

Select a lower setting to optimize the amount of information transferred during remote control.

  1. On the Remote Control toolbar, click Options > Color Quality. The Color Quality options are displayed.
  2. Select the appropriate setting.  Tip: Choose Automatically adjust color settings to allow LogMeIn to detect the optimal setting.
    Your selection is applied immediately.
    • For better image quality, select Medium quality or High quality.
    • For best image quality, select HD quality.
      Tip: HD quality provides the least amount of latency and the smoothest transition with an automatically adjusting resolution.
On a phone or tablet, see How to Change Display Color Quality (phone/tablet).

Adjust your network connection speed

Adjust your network connection speed to achieve optimal performance during remote control.

  • On the Remote Control toolbar, click Options > Network and select Slow to optimize your connection on lower speed connections

Connect in Java mode 

Connecting in Java mode may allow you to achieve better performance, but keep in mind that Java remote control does not offer a full-featured experience.
  1. Connect to the host computer's Main Menu without starting remote control. 
  2. Once connected, look in the upper-left corner and click Show Detailed Mode.
  3. Click the monitor icon on the Remote Control button. Do not click the label that says Remote Control.
  4. Select Java
ProductLogMeIn Central; LogMeIn Pro

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