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How can I speed up Remote Control over my satellite connection?

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Your satellite connection may cause interruptions (disconnects) when using the LogMeIn service.


The satellite connection is constantly renewing its IP address, and the connections are generally much slower than a traditional cable or DSL connection.

Action / Workaround

Option 1.
Contact your satellite ISP and ask if the option exists to renew the IP address less frequently, or if it is possible to purchase a static IP address.

Option 2.
You can try adjusting the color quality of your remote session to a lower setting.

  1. During your remote session, click the Options button on the black Remote Control ribbon.
  2. Click Color Quality.
  3. Try the Very Low (man running) option on the far left hand side. This will make the host computer appear in black and white, but will offer the best performance.
The speed of your LogMeIn session is limited by the speed of your internet connection.
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