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How can I access a computer with a dynamically assigned IP address?

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RemotelyAnywhere is primarily designed as an on-LAN solution.  If you wish to avoid having to configure for IP address changes, we suggest you try LogMeIn Pro2.  When using Pro2, IP address changes on the host are not a concern as they are handled by the LogMeIn gateway.

To access a computer using RemotelyAnywhere, you may need to know the IP address of the computer. The fact that your ISP dynamically assigns an IP address is not the problem, rather it is making sure that you know the new IP address whenever it is assigned to the computer you want to access. 

You can configure RemotelyAnywhere to send you an e-mail whenever your IP address changes, so you always know where to connect.  This is under Preferences > Network.  Please note that in order to use this feature you also need to configure your SMTP settings in the same dialog. 

Alternatively, dynamic DNS Solutions such as www.no-ip.com are often free. This service allows you to create a logical name for your computer (which is a fully qualified domain name) and then maps the dynamic IP address back to the logical name.  A small application runs on your computer and automatically updates no-ip.com any time your IP address changes.

You would then access your computer using RemotelyAnywhere by entering the logical name and port into your web browser. 


   » Define a computer Logical Name with a Dynamic DNS solution: www.home445533.com 
   » RemotelyAnywhere defined port: 2000 
   » Access RemotelyAnywhere by entering http://www.home445533.com:2000.

This would work even if the IP address were to change. 


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