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How Do I Assign a Subscription to My Hamachi network?

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To assign a subscription to a Hamachi network that you manage online, do the following:
  1. Go to www.LogMeIn.com.
  2. Log in to your account using your LogMeIn ID (email address) and password. The Home page is displayed.
  3. Go to Networks > My Networks and click Edit for the network you would like to assign your subscription to. 
  4. On the Subscription tab, select your paid subscription from the list. 
  5. Click Change subscription to finish.
If the network was created on the Hamachi client, you must transfer the network to your LogMeIn account before you can assign the subscription.

How to Transfer a Hamachi Network to Your LogMeIn Account

Important: You can only transfer a network from the Hamachi client to your LogMeIn account if the network was created on the Hamachi client.

This procedure must be executed on the client.
  1. On the client, right-click on the network that you want to transfer to your LogMeIn account.
  2. Click Transfer ownership to <your LogMeIn account>.
  3. The name of the LogMeIn account holder to whom the client is attached is displayed.
  4. Click OK to transfer the network to the LogMeIn account.
You will see the network listed among your networks in your LogMeIn account.
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