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How to Join a Collaboration Session

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LogMeIn Rescue Technician Console

With Technician Collaboration, multiple technicians can simultaneously support a single customer. Technicians can improve problem resolution by inviting online and available technicians from inside or outside their Rescue organization to an Active session.

Collaboration is by invitation only.

This procedure assumes you have been invited by a Lead Technician from within your own organization.

Administrators can invite themselves using the Technician Monitoring feature.

  1. You see a session on your Session List with the status Invitation. Select the session.
  2. On the Session toolbar, click Start to accept the invitation and join the session.


    The session appears as Collaborating in the Session List.
  3. You can now participate in the session. The Lead Technician has ultimate control over your permissions during the session.
  4. To leave the session, click the X on the Collaboration Panel (at the top of the Chat panel). The session does not end; the Lead Technician remains Active.
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