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How to Change Screen Size During Remote Control

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View the customer's display in a way that you find comfortable.

  1. On the Remote Control toolbar, click the View Settings button.
  2. Select the appropriate setting.
    • Actual size – Select Actual Size to show the host display exactly as it appears to the host-side user. When using this option you may need to scroll to see the entire screen.
    • Fit to Window – Select Fit to Window to make the entire host display visible on the client display without the need to scroll.
    • Stretch to Window – When in Full Screen Mode, use this option to stretch the host display to fill the entire client display even if the host is set to a lower resolution than your own.
    Your selection is applied immediately.
Tip: To change the actual screen resolution of the host display, edit the host Desktop Properties (Windows) or System Preferences (Mac).
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