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How to Create a Technician Group and Assign Permissions

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LogMeIn Rescue Administration Center

Master Administrators can create Technician Groups anywhere in the organization, while administrators can only create groups under Technician Groups to which they are assigned. Master Administrators can lock permissions so they cannot be changed by an Administrator.

  1. Right-click the location in the organization where you want to add the new Technician Group and click Create group.
    • To add the new Technician Group at the Technician Group root-level, right-click Technicians on the Organization Tree
    • To add the new Technician Group as a sub-group of an existing Technician Group, right-click the chosen group on the Organization Tree
    A new Technician Group is added to the Organization Tree at the chosen location.
  2. Enter a Group name and Description.
  3. Under Status, select Enabled to activate the group.
  4. Set group permissions.
    ChatEnables chat at session start. See About Chat Permissions.
    Allow chat enable/disable by Technician Allows group members to enable or disable chat. See About Chat Permissions.
    Launch remote control Allow group members to initiate a remote control session during any active session.
    Launch desktop viewing Allow group members to initiate a Desktop Viewing Session during any active session.
    Send files Allow group members to send files to a customer during any active session.
    Receive filesAllow group members to receive files from a customer during any active session.
    Access File Manager tabAllow group members to access the File Manager tab in the Rescue Technician Console during any active session.
    Note: The actual capability to send/receive files depends on the Send files and Receive files permissions; therefore, when the Access File Manager tab permission is denied, group members may still be able to send/receive files.

    When the Manage files permission is selected, group members will be allowed to manage a customer's files during any active session.

    Send URLsAllow group members to send a URL that will open on the customer’s device during any active session.
    View system information Allow group members to view the customer's system information during an active desktop or mobile session. Not applicable to Click2Fix.
    RebootAllow group members to reboot the customer’s device during an active session.
    Record sessionsAllow group members to make a screen recording of any session.

    When only with customer consent is selected, group members will only be allowed to record a customer's screen with the customer's consent. Customers will always be prompted to grant the technician permission, even when Use single prompt for all permissions is enabled.

    Start private sessionsAllow group members to start a session using a private method (PIN Code, Link, SMS with Rescue+Mobile, Calling Card).
    Use single prompt for all permissions Customers will be asked only once to grant the technician permission to perform remote actions. Otherwise, the customer will be prompted each time the technician attempts an action.
    Transfer sessions Allow group members to transfer a session to a valid member of the organization. You have the following options:
    • to any technician allows technicians to transfer sessions to any other technician in the organization.
    • to specific technician groups or channels allows technicians to transfer sessions to selected Technician Groups and channels.
    Hold sessionsAllow group members to place sessions on hold.
    Request Windows credentialsAllow group members to request a customer’s Windows credentials during an active session.
    Allow clipboard synchronizationAllow group members to synchronize the customer’s clipboard to their own. Anything copied on one machine is automatically available to be pasted on the other.
    Deploy the Calling CardAllow group members to deploy the Calling Card Applet to the customer’s desktop.
    Allow screen sharing with customersAllow group members to be able to share their desktop with customers.
    Send collaboration invitations Allow group members to be able to invite other technicians to an active session. You have the following options:
    • to any technician allows technicians to invite any other technician in the organization.
    • to specific technician groups allows technicians to invite members of the selected Technician Groups.
    Invite external techniciansAllow group members to collaborate on a session with individuals who are external to your Rescue organization. External technicians do not need to have a Rescue subscription of their own. That is, they are not configured as users in your Rescue account. You have the following options:
    • anyone can be invited allows technicians to send an invitation to any email address.
    • only approved allows technicians to invite only approved individuals who have been added to External Technician Groups.
    Inline editing of QueueAllow group members to edit Custom Fields during a session.
    Script deploymentAllow group members to deploy scripts to the customer’s system.
    Run embedded scripts Allow group members to manually run embedded scripts by clicking the Run Script button on the Technician Console Reboot tab.
    Unattended accessUnattended access allows a technician to connect to a remote computer when no user is present. Allow group members to request permission to be able to access the customer's computer when the customer is not present and to start unattended sessions.
    Connect On LANAllow group members to connect to unattended computers on the local area network. No customer interaction required.
    Configure mobile device settings Allow group members to manage mobile device settings using the Device Configuration tab in the Technician Console. Not applicable to Click2Fix.
    Click2Fix for mobileWhen selected, all sessions with a mobile device will default to the Click2Fix tab.
    Classic display for mobileFor mobile sessions, activate the legacy Customer Display tab.
    Rescue LensAllow group members to start Rescue Lens sessions. With Rescue Lens, customers can use their mobile device to stream live video to a technician.
    Screen captureAllow group members to capture images of the customer's screen during a session.
  5. Click Save changes.
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