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How to Add a Master Administrator

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LogMeIn Rescue Administration Center

Master Administrators have complete control over all areas of the Administration Center. They are the only users with access to the Global Settings tab.

This option is only available to Master Administrators.

  1. Right-click Master Administrators on the Organization Tree.
  2. Click Create Master Administrator. A new Master Administrator is added to the Organization Tree.
  3. Make sure the user you want to work with is selected on the Organization Tree and click the Organization tab. The Configuration page is displayed.
  4. Edit the following options:
    Name The user's name as it will be displayed on the Organization Tree and in the Technician Console, if licensed.
    Email The email address the user will use to log in to LogMeIn Rescue.
    Single Sign-On ID The identification number the user will use to log on if Single Sign-on is active.
    Description This is for your own reference.
    New password The password the user will use to log in to LogMeIn Rescue.
    Minimum password strength The minimum required password strength as set on the Global Settings tab under Password Policies.
  5. Under Status, select Enabled to activate the user.
  6. Click Save changes.
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