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How to Set Time-outs and Warnings

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LogMeIn Rescue Administration Center

  1. On the Organization Tree, select the channel or Technician Group you want to work with.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Under Time-outs, select from the following options:
    Private code validity period The length of time a PIN Code or Link remains valid. If a customer attempts to start a session after this period has expired, he receives a message saying that the PIN Code or Link has expired.
    Connecting sessions will time out The length of time a connecting session remains valid. The session will be removed from the Technician Console queue after the specified time is exceeded.
    Waiting sessions will time out The number of minutes after which a waiting session (a session in a queue that has not yet been picked up) is dropped from a technician's queue. The session is displayed in red before being removed. The period can be between 1 and 999 minutes. A value of 0 means sessions will never time out.
    Active session idle time-out The number of minutes after which an Active session will be ended if no action is taken by the technician or customer. Certain processes will prevent time out, including the following: an open remote control, screen sharing, or file manager session; a pending file transfer; an open save dialog; or a pending Calling Card deployment. The period can be any length between 1 and 999 minutes. A value of 0 means an active session will never time out. On Hold sessions will never time out.
    Time-out alarms Use predefined colors to highlight Time-out and Waiting session alarms. The connection and/or wait times can be specified in seconds, including multiple alarms to escalate waiting sessions in the Technician Console.
  4. Save your changes.
    • Click Save Changes to apply the settings to the current channel or Technician Group
    • Click Save settings to all channels/groups to apply the same settings to all channels or Technician Groups in your organization
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