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How to Set Mobile Applet Options

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LogMeIn Rescue Administration Center

Use these settings to control Mobile Applet behavior.

  1. On the Organization Tree, select the Technician Group you want to work with.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Under Mobile Applet, select from the following options:

    Option Description
    Display Custom Terms of Service Use this feature to push your organization’s Terms of Service to your customers. Enter the URL where your Custom Terms of Service is stored. Select first time only if you want your customers to see the Custom Terms of Service the first time they use your service, but not on subsequent occasions. Select every time if you want your customers to see the Custom Terms of Service each time they use your service.
    Auto-start Applet via SMS Select Auto-start Applet via SMS to prevent the Mobile Applet from being downloaded if it has already been installed on a customer's device. An SMS listener will detect the incoming session code and prompt the customer to accept the SMS and launch the Applet. There is a similar setting for Android under Session invitation SMS customization > Auto-start Android applet with SMS .
  4. Save your changes.
    • Click Save changes to apply settings to the current Technician Group.
    • Click Save settings to all groups to apply the same settings to all Technician Groups in your organization.
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