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Setting up Your Organization

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  • About the Organization Tree
    The Organization Tree is where you configure Rescue to match your support organization. It is displayed in the left panel of the Administration Center interface.
  • How to Add a Master Administrator
    Master Administrators have complete control over all areas of the Administration Center. They are the only users with access to the Global Settings tab.
  • How to Add an Administrator
    Administrators manage technicians and Technician Groups, generate reports, and more.
  • How to Create an Administrator Group
    An Administrator can belong to one Administrator Group at any time. You can include Administrator Groups within Administrator Groups.
  • How to Create a Technician Group and Assign Permissions
    Master Administrators can create Technician Groups anywhere in the organization, while administrators can only create groups under Technician Groups to which they are assigned. Master Administrators can lock permissions so they cannot be changed by an Administrator.
  • How to Add Technicians
    Master Administrators can add technicians to any Technician Group in the organization, while Administrators can only add technicians to groups to which they are assigned.
  • How to Set Global Password Policies
    Master Administrators can set password policies that apply to all users in the Rescue organization.
  • How to Enforce Two-Step Verification
    Master Administrators can add a second layer of protection to their Rescue account by forcing members of their organization to use two-step verification for logging in to Rescue.
  • How to Set Hierarchy Visibility in Technician Console
    The Hierarchy Visibility feature allows Master Administrators to simplify the organizational hierarchy displayed to Rescue users when transferring sessions, inviting other technicians, or choosing a technician to monitor.
  • How to Restrict Access Based on IP Address
    Use the IP Restriction feature to grant or deny access to Rescue according to specified IP address ranges.
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