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Embedded Scripting for Applet and Calling Card

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LogMeIn Rescue Administration Center

You can set up LogMeIn Rescue to run embedded scripts via the Customer Applet and Calling Card.

Fastpath: To configure embedded scripts, go to the Administration Center Resources tab.


  • The customer must be using a Windows-based computer
  • The session must use the Customer Applet or Calling Card (not Mobile Applet or Instant Chat in chat-only mode)

How it works

  • You can specify one script up to 64 KB, with an associated resource file up to 2 MB. A resource file is any file used by the script. For example, if the script sends a ZIP file to the customer, the ZIP file is the resource file.
  • This is an organization-level setting. That is, the script will be transferred during each session that uses the Customer Applet or Calling Card, for every Technician Group and channel in your organization.
  • The script is transferred when the Customer Applet is downloaded or Calling Card is started.
  • The script is executed according to your preference:
    • Select Run after reboot to execute the script after restarting the customer's computer.
    • Select Run after X minutes of disconnection to execute the script every X minutes for as long as the session remains disconnected (for example, due to a network connection problem).
    • Additionally, technicians in a group with the Run embedded script permission set in the Administration Center can run an embedded script via the Technician Console Script tab. The Run embedded script permission is off by default.
Tip: Sample scripts are available in the LogMeIn Community Script Repository.

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