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Security and Reporting for External Technician Collaboration

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LogMeIn Rescue Administration Center

Follow these guidelines for maximum control and accountability when using external technician collaboration.

Goal Setting or Location in Administration Center
Only allow technicians to invite from an approved list Select a Technician Group and go to Organization tab > Permissions > Invite external technicians > only approved.
Prevent external technicians from using specific features Select an External Technician Group and go to Organization tab > Permissions > clear permissions. Any permission that is cleared will not be available to the lead technician to grant to the external technician.
Only allow technicians to send invitations via email sent through Rescue servers Select a Technician Group and go to Settings tab > Connection method for external technician invitations > Email > Allow email via Rescue servers. Clear all other options.
Check reports for any External Technician Group or individual external technician Select an External technician group or External technician and go to Reports > Chatlog or Session.
Check reports for any Technician Group or individual technician Select a Technician Group or technician and go to Reports > External Technician Chatlog.
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