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Google Play Link for Android Sessions

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LogMeIn Rescue Administration Center

When connecting to an Android device, technicians can send customers a Google Play link in the session invitation SMS.

For example, a company called "ACME Support" directs all of their customers to download the "Rescue Mobile for ACME Support" application. They do this through the SMS link rather than verbally directing the customer to Google Play to search for the app.

Fastpath: Administrators set the custom link at Global Settings > Custom Google Play URL.

How does it work? When the customer opens the session invitation SMS, they do not see an actual Google Play link, but rather a standard Rescue session link http://rescuemobile.com/xxxxxx where xxxxxx is the session PIN code. The Rescue service matches the PIN code to the technician and redirects the customer to the Google Play link defined in the Administration Center.

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