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Using LogMeIn File Sharing

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Important: Others can only download shared files from your computer when it is powered on and is online.
  1. Choose how you want to initiate the File Sharing process:
    • Option 1. On the computer with the file you want to share, open the LogMeIn Control Panel and click the File Sharing tab.
    • Option 2. On the computer with the file you want to share, click the LogMeIn icon in the system tray and select Share a File... from the menu.
      Windows host

      Mac host

    • Option 3. Windows only. Right-click on the file you want to share and select Send to > LogMeIn File Sharing (skip to step 4, below).
  2. On the File Sharing tab, click the Share a File... button.
  3. Choose the file you want to share.
  4. Enter Sharing Details:
    • Comment – Write a description of the file you are sharing that will be recognizable to the recipients
    • Sharing time limit – Enter the amount of time for which the file will be available for download
    • Download limit – Enter the maximum number of times the file can be downloaded
  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose how you want to send the File Sharing notification message:
    • Choose Send an email on my behalf to allow LogMeIn to send an email
    • Choose I will send an invitation myself to send the invitation using your chosen email program
  7. Click Next.
  8. Send the notification:
    • If you chose Send an email on my behalf, you must enter an email address and message to the recipient and click Next to send.
      Tip: LogMeIn provides a standard message in all supported LogMeIn languages. Use the Message Language drop-down to select a language.
    • If you chose I will send a notification myself, you must copy the link and send it using your chosen email program.
  9. Click Finish to exit the sharing process.
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