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How to View Account Activity Reports

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View reports on account activity, choose the specific data you want to see, and save your new report for easy retrieval.

  1. Go to www.LogMeIn.com.
  2. Go to the Reports > Report Viewer page.
  3. Select the specific Report that you want to use as a base.
    Remote Access Sessions (In Last Month) Lists remote control sessions. Reported details include host name, user, start time, end time, duration.
    User Account Access (In last week) Lists all occasions when your LogMeIn account was accessed. Reported details include user, user IP address, and time of account login.
  4. Click View Report. The base report is created with no filters applied.
  5. Click Filter to begin applying data filters.
  6. Click Apply to refresh the report.
  7. Click Save to save the filtered report as a custom report. The Save Report dialog is displayed.
  8. Name the new report and click Save. The report is added to the Report drop-down list for easy retrieval.
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