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How to Set Compression for Data Transferred from the Host

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Choose the compression level to apply to data transferred from the host during remote control, including files transferred using the File Manager feature.

  1. Access the host preferences:
    • From the host computer, open the LogMeIn Control Panel and follow this path: Options > Preferences > Advanced
    • From a client device, connect to the host Main Menu and follow this path: Preferences > Advanced
  2. Under Network, choose the appropriate File transfer compression option:
    AdaptiveDynamically modifies the compression ratio according to available bandwidth and CPU.
    No compressionData is not compressed.
    FastCompared to Best, this option uses less host CPU, but more bandwidth. Unlike with Adaptive, the compression level is fixed.
    LowKeeps bandwidth and CPU usage at a minimum.
    NormalA good balance between effective file compression and balanced host CPU utilization.
    BestThe host CPU will compress data as much as possible before transfer. Compared to Fast, this option uses less bandwidth, but more CPU. Unlike with Adaptive, the compression level is fixed.

    Can't access this feature? If LogMeIn was installed by an administrator or via an Installation Link from LogMeIn Central, your administrator may have restricted your access to this feature. Contact your administrator for more information.

  3. Click OK or Apply. Your settings are applied immediately to the host.
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