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How to Access the Onscreen Keyboard

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Remote Control from a Phone or Tablet

Use the onscreen keyboard to enter text, commands, and other information directly to the host computer.

  • On the main remote control screen, tap the Keyboard icon.
    Keyboard icon

    Tip: On devices supporting three-finger swipe, make a three-finger swipe up/down to show/hide the keyboard.
    The onscreen keyboard is displayed.
  • Tap the screen where you want to begin typing.
  • The lower keyboard is the standard keyboard for your device.
    • Tap ABC and 123 to switch between letters and numbers.
    • While using numbers, tap #+= and 123 or ALT to switch between special characters (including punctuation marks) and numbers.
    • On iOS, tap the Globe to access international keyboards.
    • On Android, tap and hold the ABC or 123 button and select Input method to access international keyboards. Refer to device documentation for further information regarding international keyboards.

    Important: Characters will not be displayed if your selected international keyboard has a character set that the host computer does not support.
  • The upper keyboard is unique to LogMeIn.

    iOS upper keyboard

    Android upper keyboard

    • Shift is "sticky" and will remain "on" when tapped to allow you to enter key combinations and to act as the Caps Lock key.

    • Ctrl and Alt are both "sticky" and will remain "on" when tapped to allow you to enter key combinations.
    • The Win key acts as the Windows logo key. Use it to open the Windows Start menu. It is "sticky" to allow for key combinations and shortcuts.

    • The Menu key acts as the Application key. Use it to open context menus in Windows applications. It is "sticky" to allow for key combinations and shortcuts.

    • The Extra keys icon brings up various special keys.

      Functions key

      You may have to swipe left and right to access all available special keys.

      Function keys: F1 - F12

      Special keys: Esc (Escape), Caps (Caps lock), PrtScr (Print Screen), Ins (Insert), Del (Delete), Scroll (Scroll Lock), Home, End, Pause, PgUp (Page Up), PgDn (Page Down)

      Direction keys: Tab and arrows (up, down, left, right)

  • To turn off the keyboard, tap Hide or X.
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